Gwen Stefani April Fools’ Day Joke Has Singer Announcing She’s Pregnant With Baby Girl (PHOTO)

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Gwen Stefani April fools pregnant

By Michael Lewittes |

Gwen Stefani April fools pregnant

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Gwen Stefani’s April Fools’ Day prank had her announcing she’s pregnant with a girl, alongside a photo of a sonogram of a baby. Naturally, a few outlets fell for it, while others are unsure whether it’s true or not. Gossip Cop can report that her pregnancy announcement is a joke.

On Friday, Stefani posted on Instagram a sonogram, with a caption that read, “It’s a girl” and several heart emojis. But the singer was clearly poking fun at all the bogus reports that have dodged her and Blake Shelton over the past few months. Among the most recent false claims was an OK! story in late February, which alleged Stefani was showing a little “baby bump” and was expecting twins. At the time, her rep exclusively told Gossip Cop the report was entirely “untrue.”

The bogus baby stories began in November with OK! first publishing a cover story with Shelton and Stefani that read, “We’re pregnant.” That was followed in December by equally inaccurate Star and In Touch cover stories that exclaimed she was “Pregnant!” Each and everyone of those tales, which alleged how Stefani wanted a girl (after three boys) were untrue, and were occasionally mocked by Shelton on social media. Just this past week, Gossip Cop debunked another phony In Touch cover that said Stefani was having a “Miracle Baby At 46.”

Fast forward to April 1, and now Stefani is turning the tables on the tabloids and a slew of equally unreliable webloids. The only thing fertile here is Stefani’s imagination. The singer is not pregnant with a girl. Sadly, too often entertainment sites and magazines read like big April Fools’ Day jokes.

Gwen Stefani April fools pregnant

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