Gwen Stefani NOT “Angered” Rihanna Will Be On “The Voice,” Despite Report

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Gwen Stefani Rihanna Feud

By Shari Weiss |

Gwen Stefani Rihanna Feud

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Gwen Stefani is NOT “angered” Rihanna will be on “The Voice,” despite yet another tabloid story that tries to pit two female celebrities against each other. Gossip Cop can bust the report, which attempts to sensationalize a non-existent feud.

As Gossip Cop reported, Rihanna will be a key advisor on the new season of “The Voice,” which premieres next month. Now, in the pages of this week’s National Enquirer, it’s claimed Stefani is upset that her “bitter rival” will be her “boss.” A so-called “source” alleges to the supermarket tabloid, “Gwen’s had a grudge against RiRi that goes back years, even though she was the one who started it.”

The bad blood allegedly stems from Stefani saying in 2011 that she’s different from Rihanna “because I usually put pants on.” A supposed beef has been simmering ever since, with the Enquirer “source” claiming, “Rihanna’s the type to hold a grudge and thought Gwen was way out of line.” And now the magazine is predicting on-set fireworks.

“Gwen’s convinced Rihanna’s being paid way too much and that she’ll throw herself around on the show and expect to be queen bee,” alleges the Enquirer tipster, adding that Stefani is “not going to sit back and let that happen.” But it seems the tabloid is still perfectly fine sitting back and running stories without bothering to fact-check.

As regular “Voice” watchers know, the key advisor is hardly the “boss” of the other coaches. Yes, the guest mentor helps guide contestants, but he or she has no say in whether someone does or doesn’t continue on. While the folks at the Enquirer may be clueless, Stefani and Rihanna aren’t, and no one actually thinks a single week of working together will cause any issue. A rep for Stefani denies the feud story is true.


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