Gwen Stefani was never expecting Blake Shelton's baby a year ago, despite a report at the time ridiculously claiming she was "acting like she's pregnant." Gossip Cop busted this misguided, wrong story 365 days ago. Seeing as the couple is not currently caring for an infant, it's clear our debunking was correct.

On August 31, 2017, we called out HollywoodLife for a story headlined, "Gwen Stefani Acting Like She's Pregnant, Says Source: She's Hoping For 1st Daughter With Blake." The site claimed "recent pics of Gwen looking a little rounder have fans thinking she might have a bun in the oven already," and purported to have a "source" confessing that she was "totally acting like she's pregnant." It was specifically alleged her "body language lately has been of that of someone that is in the early stages of pregnancy."

"The way she has recently started to carry herself is the same as when she was carrying Apollo," maintained the site's untraceable tipster, who further asserted, "She is walking differently and holding her body differently, almost covering-up or protecting her belly the exact same way she did last time she was pregnant." The blog even editorialized, "OMG, we really hope that means she is carrying Blake's baby already!"

She wasn't. As Gossip Cop reported 12 months ago, the notion that Stefani was "acting like she's pregnant" was complete bull. And that became more and more evident as the months passed. Had she really been expecting last summer, the No Doubt front woman would've given birth this past spring. And in late April, a time that would've marked her last trimester, Stefani had a flat stomach as she and Shelton took her kids to the park. Meanwhile, Stefani and Shelton have spent the summer performing concerts, not raising a baby.

What's particularly galling about this narrative, aside from the falsity and absurdity of it, is that HollywoodLife peddled a similar story just a few months ago. In May, the site tried to make the case that Stefani's "baggy tee" was proof she was pregnant. Again, the blog thought she was showing signs that she was expecting. Again, the website was offering nonsense.

And after those non-pregnancies, the outlet suddenly claimed two weeks ago that Shelton is against having kids with Stefani. That was fiction as well, though in the piece, the publication finally admitted, "A baggy T-shirt is just a baggy T-shirt." But it's probably only a matter of time before the website starts speculating once more that Stefani is pregnant. It should be apparent by now, though, that if she and Shelton ever do have a child together, it won't be the blog nicknamed HollywoodLies that breaks the news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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