Greg Plitt Was Killed Trying to Outrun Train As Part of Energy Drink Stunt: Report

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Greg Plitt Stunt

By Daniel Gates |

Greg Plitt Stunt

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Greg Plitt, the fitness model and “Work Out” star struck and killed by a train over the weekend, was reportedly trying to outrun the Metrolink in Los Angeles as part of a video being filmed to promote an energy drink. According to footage reviewed by law enforcement officials, Plitt was fatally clipped by the train while attempting to prove the drink’s effectiveness in a stunt gone tragically wrong.

Plitt was killed at the Burbank station on Saturday. TMZ now reports that officials have viewed video of the accident in which Plitt is seen standing on the tracks, waiting as the train hurtles toward him. Just before the train reached where Plitt stood, he allegedly took off from a runner’s stance and began running down the track.

Not surprisingly, the train wound up being faster than Plitt, and hit him, tossing him from the track to his death. TMZ says Plitt vanishes from the video after being caught by the train. Cops reportedly discovered a number of energy drink bottles near the scene, and it’s now believed Plitt was filming a commercial for the beverage when things went wrong.

His friend Warren Coulter told the Los Angeles Times, “He just made a mistake.” Plitt’s girlfriend, Christina Stejskal, told the outlet that he was “just trying to get the best shot. He wanted to push things to the limit, he’s just like Superman.” Sadly, that wasn’t the case. And Plitt wasn’t supposed to be there.

“This was not an authorized shoot,” Metrolink spokesperson Jeff Lustgarten told People. “We get two to three requests a month for filming and we go through a permitting process where we do a site check, put everyone through a detailed safety briefing and most importantly we have a flag man there with the crew on the day of filming. The flagman knows the schedule of the trains and communicates with operations, but none of that occurred. We had no idea they were going to be out there. The engineer did see Mr. Plitt and used the brakes and sounded the horns, but he was still struck. It’s is a terrible tragedy.” Gossip Cop will have updates.


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