Grammys Hypocritical For Nominating Chris Brown & R. Kelly While Promoting Anti-Domestic Violence Campaign?

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Grammys Domestic Violence

By Daniel Gates |

Grammys Domestic Violence

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The Grammys are being criticized for promoting an anti-domestic violence campaign on the same night Chris Brown and R. Kelly were nominated for awards.

As Gossip Cop reported, the “It’s On Us” campaign took center stage on Sunday, with a pre-recorded message from President Obama asking music stars to help spread awareness of the problem, and Katy Perry performing an emotional “By the Grace of God” after an introduction from domestic abuse survivor and activist Brooke Axtell.

But many observers pointed out what seemed like some hypocrisy on the part of the Grammys. Alex Gaskarth of the band All Time Low tweeted, “Wow. Unbelievable. Maybe #ItsOnUs to not invite people like @chrisbrown to the fcking Grammys. Am I wrong?” Prominent writer and social commentator Roxane Gay tweeted, “But Chris Brown and R Kelly. Are both nominated tonight… That is to say important and necessary message but as with similar NFL messages, heal thyself first.” Music journalist Jessica Hopper observed, “Yeah, good job standing up to rape and domestic violence, Grammys, R. Kelly and Chris Brown noms really showed where it’s at.”

Brown, of course, infamously beat his then-girlfriend Rihanna exactly six years, to the day, before the Grammys. Kelly’s checkered history includes past accusations of child pornography involving a sex tape allegedly involving an underage girl and an illegal marriage to a 15-year-old Aaliyah. Brown and Kelly are far from the only convicted or accused abusers to be included in the Grammys and other award ceremonies over the years, but their nominations on a night during which the music industry vowed to help curb domestic violence were conspicuous. What do you think about the complaints? Do the Grammys look bad for celebrating men like Brown and Kelly while also promoting the “It’s On Us” campaign? Or is it not a big deal?


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