Gossip Cop Celebrates 10th Anniversary!

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Gossip Cop Anniversary

By Michael Lewittes |

Gossip Cop Anniversary


Gossip Cop is celebrating its 10th anniversary today. It’s hard to believe a decade has passed, but on this very day I announced the launch of the site during a segment on “Good Morning America.” And a lot has happened since then.

Over the past 10 years, Gossip Cop has established itself as the only destination for fact-checked stories about celebrities. Now when citing our reporting, other outlets routinely refer to us as the “fact-checking site.” In the process, we ourselves have become the subject of numerous pieces, including a handful of articles by the New York Times.

While hundreds of celebrities have praised us privately and publicly for going after the truth and holding tabloids and blogs accountable for their inaccurate reporting, the real satisfaction has been that hundreds of millions of people from every corner of the Earth have visited (and hopefully enjoyed) Gossip Cop. As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, I can’t help but remember how on our very first day it was predicted we would quickly be out of business by a site owned by Gawker, which itself shut down nearly three years ago.

Today, Gossip Cop participates and attends the International Fact-Checking Network’s annual conferences, where we discuss and share ideas about how to confront and combat fake news and false reports. Just a month ago, we were with more than 200 other journalists from North and South America, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and Africa, the host continent for Global Fact 6 in Cape Town. Anecdotally, during a break from one of the seminars, two of the Associated Press’ top fact-checkers remarked how Gossip Cop has “the hardest job” in the debunking business. That may be true, but we relish the challenge.

Our mission from the beginning has been to separate fact from fiction in celebrity reporting. And over the last two years in particular, we’ve pledged to exhibit even more transparency in our work, which we have fully outlined on our “About Us” page. Every single story we publish has been investigated and backed up with proof and openly displayed sources. Unlike other outlets that rely almost exclusively on unnamed and untraceable sources, Gossip Cop pushes its industry insiders to go on the record as often as possible.

On a personal note, Gossip Cop has been my baby. And much like having children, in the beginning there was a lot of worrying and sleepless nights. At first, we crawled along, then got up on our feet, stumbled a little here and there, and we’ve been up and running ever since. The brand grew, learned (from its mistakes as well), and arguably even matured. And like a parent, I couldn’t be prouder of what Gossip Cop has become.

I’d like to personally thank each and every one of you who has read the site. For me, it’s been a honor being Gossip Cop’s creator and editor for the past 10 years. As we begin our next decade in business, I have no doubt Gossip Cop will grow even bigger and better, and continue to be a beacon of honest reporting.


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