Gordon Ramsay Critiques Stephen Colbert’s Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich On “Late Show” – WATCH VIDEO

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Gordon Ramsay Stephen Colbert Video

By Shari Weiss |

Gordon Ramsay Stephen Colbert Video


Gordon Ramsay hilariously critiqued Stephen Colbert’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich making skills on the “Late Show” on Friday. Check out the expletive-heavy video below!

Ramsay was on the late-night program to promote his latest show, “The F Word.” The “F” in this case stands for food, despite the chef’s penchant for using the more famous F word. Colbert revealed that he typically can’t say “F word” on the show at all, but CBS made an exception for Ramsay’s appearance. He, of course, was stunned by the strict rules, exclaiming, “At 11:35 at a f*cking night?!”

And when Colbert brought up Ramsay being a member of the Order of the British Empire, the “Masterchef” host joked that it was awarded for cursing, and quipped that Queen Elizabeth gave him a “handshake and a polite f*ck off.” The swearing continued from there. Asked what happens when he enters a restaurant, Ramsay revealed, “First off all, everyone looks behind me to see if there’s a camera crew. ‘Oh, f*ck, they’re filming ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ here. We’re too late. This place is a confirmed sh*thole.'”

Ramsay went on to decry grits and the size of sandwiches in the U.S., prompting Colbert to wonder if as a kid, “Did you demand the lunch ladies, like, improve their service?” Somehow, they ended up talking about crispy skin on spotted dick (look it up), which led the comedian to crack, “You should really have that checked out.” It all culminated in Colbert telling his guest, “I would like to make a peanut butter and jelly and have you yell at me while I do it.”

The host pulled out a tray of ingredients and got to spreading the peanut butter. Ramsay took issue right away, of course, reprimanding, “You’re ripping the bread already! It’s all in the bloody middle! Spread it out!” When Colbert was done, Ramsay held up the sandwich and declared, “That looks like a pile of sh*t.” But we won’t spoil what he did with it. Watch the video below!

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