Gordon Ramsay “Fears” Colombian Drug Cartel May Come After Him Over New Documentary Is Fake News

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Gordon Ramsay Columbian Cartel Family Nervous

By Holly Nicol |

Gordon Ramsay Columbian Cartel Family Nervous

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A new report alleges Gordon Ramsay fears the Colombian drug cartel may come after him and his family after filming a documentary about the country’s drug trade, but the story is inaccurate. Gossip Cop can correct this fake news. We’re told there’s “no truth” to the article.

The allegation comes from the National Enquirer, which sensationally blares in a headline, “Food Star Ramsay Marked For Death!” In the accompanying article, the tabloid claims the “hot-tempered TV chef” fears for his life “and those of his family members” after he filmed a documentary on South America’s “murderous cocaine trade.” A so-called “source” tells the magazine that “Gordon is really running scared” after several “sadistic” Colombian drug cartels “put a price on his head.”

The publication’s questionable insider goes on to claim, “Gordon honestly believes that these drug thugs are out for blood, his blood,” and he knows how “drug cartels will try to wreak revenge on the families of anyone who tries to expose them.” “He not only fears for himself, but his wife Tana, his daughters Matilda, Holly and Megan, as well as son Jack,” adds the supposed tipster. The supermarket tabloid’s alleged “source” further purports that Ramsay put his life “at risk” for the “sake of the documentary,” and believes he’s “still in the crosshairs of dangerous drug runners who want him dead.”

But if it weren’t already obvious, the entire story is simply bizarre and not true. Nevertheless, a rep for Ramsay assures Gossip Cop that there’s “no truth” to the Enquirer’s latest story. While it’s true that Ramsay recently traveled to Colombia to film his new documentary about South America’s notorious drug trade, its drug cartel is not coming after the TV chef and his family for “exposing” them. It’s complete nonsense and nothing more than fake news.

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