Third GOP Presidential Debate Twitter Reaction: Celebrities React To Trump And More — See Stars’ Tweets Here!

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Third GOP Debate Celebrity Reaction

By Shari Weiss |

Third GOP Debate Celebrity Reaction

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The third GOP presidential debate of the 2016 election season is being held at the University of Colorado in Boulder on Wednesday, and celebrities are taking to Twitter to react Donald Trump and the other candidates in real time.

The undercard debate, featuring the lower-polling candidates, kicked off the proceedings in the early evening. But more eyes would be on the main event featuring 10 candidates: Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee. Who would win over new voters? Who would make a major gaffe?

Just before the CNBC-hosted event got underway, Michael Moore quipped, “I’m so excited! It’s starting! The Comedy Central special on CNBC: The Dinosaur Debate!” As she got ready to live-tweet with other “View” co-hosts, Michelle Collins observed, “This is a very patriotic intro video. Feels like a Funny or Die parody?” And Patton Oswalt begged, “Hey @CNBC anchors, they’re bringing the candidates out. CUT TO THEM. Enough of your Fraggle Rock yapping.”

Bill Maher found himself frustrated right off the bat, tweeting, “Oh lord,another debate with more STUPID QUESTIONS?! Asking ‘What’s your weakness?’ is an invitation to a humblebrag, fools! Back to the Mets.” And on the topic of not watching, Bethenny Frankel told her followers, “I’m missing the debate bc of bedtime story snugs. Tell me what I miss! Or I’ll catch up.” Billy Eichner said, “I’m not watching the #GOPDebate because I’m editing #BillyOnTheStreet, which has done more our country than any of these lunatics tbh.”

Josh Charles also said at one point, “Trump is absolutely right about ‘very good people making some very bad decisions.’ I’m going to watch the #WorldSeries for a bit.” But Maher didn’t stay away from the debate for too long. In fact, after Cruz slammed the CNBC moderators for seemingly being combative, the HBO pundit tweeted, “Oh my god did i just hear Ted Cruz say something awesome that i agree with? Yes. The media is even stupider than the pols. Who’s on first?” Jeffrey Wright also admitted, “Rubio’s landing punches though, I must say.”

With the nasty tone pervading all the exchanges, Lizz Winstead, the co-creator of “The Daily Show,” remarked, “Now we just have a debate between moderators and candidates. Super helpful.” Meanwhile, “The Bachelor” producer Elan Gale couldn’t help but note, “These candidates have already spent every single dollar of campaign funds on makeup and vibrant neckties.” Huckabee later revealed he was actually wearing a Trump tie.

Albert Brooks joked about one contender’s limited presence during the debate, writing, “They just asked Rand Paul to move outside.” Other gems from him included, “I’m not necessarily blaming her but when Carly Fiorina was head of HP my printer always ran out of ink,” and “I’m not saying anything but you never see John Kasich and Garry Shandling in the same place.” He later went on to say, “At the half way point I think Hillary is winning.”

At one point, Bush said he would give a “warm kiss” to any politician who agreed to cut $10 from the budget, and a number of stars were, well, a little turned off. “WARM KISS? No one’s going to cut spending now, Jeb??! #GOPDebate gets gross,” wrote Stacey Dash. Oswalt told his followers, “Guys? If your wife or girlfriend are watching the debate and heard Jeb’s ‘warm kiss’ line? You’re not getting laid tonight.” And Seth MacFarlane cracked, “Jeb Bush: ‘Find me a Democrat that would cut spending $10, I’ll let him take [expletive] on my chest.'”

The “Family Guy” creator also made a joke about Bush previously calling the new “Supergirl” hot, tweeting, “Right now Melissa Benoist is receiving a floral delivery that says, ‘Post-debate drinky-poos? –Jeb.'” Trevor Donovan also commented, “Jeb Bush needs to go do that ‘cool’ stuff he said he could be doing… He looks lost up there.” And on the subject of looks, Collins couldn’t help but notice Trump’s reactions, hilariously asking, “Could someone hold a mirror under Trump’s nostrils? What’s happening here?” And Sarah Silverman wanted to know, “Is the woman who’s doing carly fiorina from UCB?”

Star Jones also criticized Fiorina for slamming Hillary Clinton, tweeting, “Hahaha. Come on girlfriend…#equalpay #familyleave #womenempowerment #reproductiverights. Get on board or go home.” Later, after Trump called out the moderators for seemingly accusing him of something he supposedly never said, MacFarlane confessed, “JUST THIS ONCE, I give it to Trump.” Wright also noted, “Have to admit, these moderators are all about the ‘gotcha.'” Dash also complained, “Liberals running a debate like a circus. Send in the clowns.”

As for reaction to Carson, Garcelle Beauvais tweeted a GIF of the little girl from Monsters, Inc. falling asleep, writing, “That’s hilarious #bencarson.” In contrast, “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush wondered, “Is @realDonaldTrump talking less tonight? Never seen him so quiet. And patient. Is he asleep?? Carly, nudge him!”

And as it all wound down, Collins seemed to be speaking for everyone when she tweeted, “My eyes just issued their closing statement.” TELL US: Did you watch the debate? If so, what did you think?


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