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Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are not finally getting married after a nearly four-decade romance. One tabloid this week is pushing this popular rumor yet again, but it's just not true. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

"Goldie & Kurt: We're Getting Married!" reads a headline in the latest issue of New Idea. According to supposed "insiders" speaking to the tabloid, Hawn and Russell are finally saying "I do" after 37 years together as partners. "They just want a small, very intimate spiritual ceremony," reports a shady source, with "just their kids present for a real homey atmosphere." The couple allegedly "realize they're getting on in years and want to have this experience together with their family" and wish to "do this for their kids and set a good example for the grandkids."

Gossip Cop looked into this claim and truth no truth in it. After this supposed "insider" quote, the tabloid goes on to immediately contradict itself by pointing out that Hawn has publicly stated in the past that she has no intention of marrying her partner. "I already feel devoted and isn't that what marriage is supposed to do?" She said, adding, "we have raised our children brilliantly; they are beautiful people. We did a great job there and we didn't have to get married to do that."

Hawn gave that interview in 2007, and has since kept to that philosophy. In a 2016 interview, the actress said that she and Russell "would be long divorced" if they got married: "I chose to stay, Kurt chose to stay and we liked the choice. What is marriage going to do?" The following year, the couple was honored with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Hawn's daughter, Kate Hudson, gave a speech in their honor. "I always thought I'd be talking about them at, like, a wedding," she said, causing Russell to burst out laughing as she went on to say that "a wedding doesn't seem to be in our near future - ever."

It doesn't seem like Hudson is particularly desperate to see her mother and Russell tie the knot. Both Russell and Hawn bring large combined families to their partnership, each with children from previous marriages who are all grown and have kids of their own. There's clearly no reason for them to finally get married "for their kids."

Moreover, Gossip Cop has already shot down this rumor multiple times in the past. Last September, we debunked a National Enquirer piece claiming Hawn and Russell were finally getting married after seeing their son Wyatt's wedding. A source close to the star couple confirmed for us that Wyatt Russell's wedding did not change their minds on having one themselves. The following month, the same tabloid falsely reported that Hawn was "demanding" that Russell marry her, despite Hawn's continual public statements to the contrary. No matter what these unreliable publications may claim, it's pretty obvious where the couple stand on this issue.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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