Golden Globes 2015 Backstage Dish And Winners Reactions From Gossip Cop!

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Golden Globes Backstage 2015 Winners

By Michael Lewittes |

Golden Globes Backstage 2015 Winners


Gossip Cop is backstage at the 2015 Golden Globes, and has all the dish straight from the stars themselves! See what the winners are saying here!

J.K. Simmons, the winner of Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for Whiplash, admitted this wasn’t one of his best nights but one of many. In fact, the actor noted that more people will likely see his funny ads for Farmers Insurance than any of his movies. But, unlike his harsh music teacher in the film, Simmons says he has kinder, gentler approach. And what does he think of the Sony hacking scandal? Would it stop him from working with the studio again? “I honestly don’t read anything outside of the sports page,” he quipped.

Best Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie winner Billy Bob Thornton noted how proud he is to be a part of “Fargo.” Asked how he’ll celebrate, the star said he’s not much of a drinker, so he’ll “eat seven pounds of pork” instead! As for the future, Thornton hopes to keep on acting. Perhaps that means there’s another Globe for him in the years to come.

First-time nominee and first-time winner Gina Rodriguez admitted she couldn’t sleep last night. The Best Actress in a TV Comedy or Musical honoree was just as emotional as she was in her beautiful acceptance speech, speaking in Spanish as she dedicated her award to her parents, and admitting she dreamed of this moment as a little girl. Celebrating “Jane The Virgin,” which was just renewed for a second season today, Rodriguez said she knew the show was “bound for success,” thanks to the support of critics who championed the series last year. The win also marks The CW’s first-ever Golden Globe.

Common confessed that he prayed he and John Legend would win Best Song for their moving track “Glory” from Selma. “I was planning for us to get it,” he said, and “god-willing,” he hopes to continue both music and acting. Legend expressed his gratitude, and commended Common’s “moving” onstage acceptance speech, where he touched on the racial issues currently plaguing society. Legend revealed the song’s title came from Common, and the name, along with Legend’s love of gospel, which he grew up on, inspired the critically-acclaimed track.

A stunned Matt Bomer said he was in shock and on an endorphin rush after winning Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series, Miniseries, or TV Movie for The Normal Heart, an honor he didn’t think he’d get. Bomer was grateful for the opportunity to take part in the project, admitting he would’ve been completely satisfied to take it on in regional theater, but doing it for HBO was pretty great, too. Bomer, who is also in Magic Mike, said he doesn’t believe in discriminating between movies and television. “For me, it’s about the story, the writing, the director,” he said.

Amy Adams celebrated her second Best Actress in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical win in two years, this time for Big Eyes. She noted that, in portraying real-life artist Margaret Keane, she was playing such a “repressed” character. Asked to give advice to young girls, the actress recommended, “Don’t read what people write about you,” and to focus on the art. Adams immediate future includes a trip to Europe with her daughter, and she noted, “My heart goes out to everyone in Paris.”

After spending more than a decade filming Boyhood bit by bit, Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture recipient Patricia Arquette confessed she wanted the project to continue, at least for, say, 29 years, even when she was an “old woman.” It was “incredible” to see the movie’s young leads grow up on screen, said the star, noting they’ve both “grown into wonderful people.” Arquette herself is a fourth generation actor, and she is “excited” for the next part of her life. She also admitted it was “surreal” to beat Meryl Streep. After the show, Arquette plans to celebrate with her co-stars, as well as her boyfriend, as it’s their anniversary!

Jeffrey Tambor, who won Best Actor in a TV Series Comedy or Musical for the Amazon series “Transparent,” took home his first Golden Globe, and revealed he practiced awards speeches as a kid and could not believe the fantasies had now come true. Meanwhile, Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie winner Maggie Gyllenhaal reflected on filming in the Middle East during last summer’s conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. The actress admitted it was “horrifying” and “scary,” but also provided an “opportunity” for people to see what’s going on in the region.

George Clooney, who was honored with the Cecil B. DeMille Award for Lifetime Achievement, revealed he was wearing his wedding tuxedo. That is, the same exact suit he wore to marry Amal Alamuddin last September. “I’m in a better place,” said the star, crediting his wife. And while she spent the morning looking at dresses, his pre-Golden Globes time was enjoyed watching football. But, on a more serious note, Clooney spoke about the situation in Paris, and it was pointed out that he was wearing a “Je suis Charlie” button. A longtime activist, the actor said the world is still “trying to process what happened” in France, and urged people to stand together.

With his first win in eight nominations, Kevin Spacey joked that he was “very pleased” to not be the Susan Lucci of the Golden Globes. His win for Best Actor in a TV Series Drama for “House of Cards” was a milestone for both him and Netflix. Spacey called the streaming service “incredibly brave” for venturing into serialized but binge-designed programming as they have, particularly with a show that pushes boundaries. “I can only imagine the notes from a network that didn’t fully get us,” he quipped. As the industry continues to change, Spacey predicted, “We’re going to see a lot of places that were portals on entertainment [become] producers of entertainment.”

What does winning mean to Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama Julianne Moore? “All of us are trying to be better,” said the Still Alice star, and winning “inspires us.” She further said, “I crave praise. We all do, and we all respond to it.” Now, if she could tell her younger self anything, it would be, “You are on the right track.”

Eddie Redmayne said he had “a lot of sleepless nights” until Stephen Hawking saw The Theory of Everything. The biopic got the famed scientist’s seal of approval, and now that of the HFPA, too, giving him the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama. “There’s a responsibility when you put someone’s life on the screen,” acknowledged Redmayne, who also said of Hawking, “When you meet him, though he has so few muscle movements, he still can nuance so much.” Redmayne is one of a number of Brits making headlines this awards season, and he noted he’s not sure why the British are seemingly all over Hollywood right now, but he’s “happy” to be a part of it.

Best Actor in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical Michael Keaton copped to not feeling well, revealing he got a bad headache about 90-minutes into the show, which ultimately ran for more than three hours. “It must have been the tension in the room,” said the actor. The pain became worth it, though, when he won for Birdman, and gave a powerful speech that turned beautifully emotional when Keaton paid tribute to his “best friend,” his son. But while it was this film that nabbed him a trophy, Keaton said he approached the project like any other. “You take the gig on [and] do the homework,” he said.

It was a huge night for Boyhood. Following Arquette’s win, Richard Linklater was named Best Director of a Motion Picture, and then the movie went on to win the biggest prize of the night, Best Motion Picture Drama. The cast all celebrated backstage, where Ethan Hawke said it was an “immediate yes” when he was asked to do a film that would be shot over 12 years. Linklater even noted that rather than fatigue, the cast only showed “more commitment” as time went on. “We had confidence that we would be able to work with an unknown future,” said the filmmaker. And now it’s paid off big time.


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