Golden Globes Did NOT Leave Out In Memoriam Segment, Despite Report

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Golden Globes In Memoriam

By Holly Nicol |

Golden Globes In Memoriam

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The Golden Globes did not suddenly or unexpectedly leave an In Memoriam segment out of Sunday’s show, despite a report. Gossip Cop can correct this claim.

“Did you feel like something was missing from the 2017 Golden Globes? If so, you’re not alone,” writes E!. According to the outlet, “Many have noticed that the In Memoriam segment was left out of this year’s show, which typically pays tribute to those stars we’ve lost in the past year.”

The story goes on to note, “While the Golden Globes honored Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher with a special tribute video, they were the only two Hollywood icons mentioned in the telecast.” The post implies that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association decided to do away with tradition, and purposefully didn’t offer a full tribute, despite supposedly having done so in years past. This is not the case.

Let Gossip Cop set the record straight. Despite E!’s claims, the awards ceremony did not leave out the segment, as the Golden Globes has never featured an In Memoriam during the live show. This year, however, the awards show made a special exception for Fisher and Reyolds following their tragic, and very recent, deaths.

As Gossip Cop noted in our story on the Fisher-Reynolds tribute, one of the Golden Globes executive producers actually explained in interviews last week how they don’t do an In Memoriam, but were nevertheless planning something for the late mother-daughter duo. E! is simply creating a controversy where none should exist.

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