Glee Series Finale Recap: 10 Shocking Revelations From 2009/Dreams Come True

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Glee Series Finale Recap

By Minyvonne Burke |

Glee Series Finale Recap


Glee” aired its very last episode Friday night on Fox with an emotional two-hour series finale. During the first episode, the show traveled back to 2009 and revealed how the glee club was started. In the second half, it’s revealed what everyone has been up to since leaving William McKinley High. Check out the ten most shocking revelations from the series finale of “Glee” below.

1. Kurt had a pretty rough time during his freshman year of high school and even contemplated suicide but Emma and his father intervened. After Emma alerted Mr. Hummel that his son was depressed, Kurt was told he should join a club at school. It’s revealed that Rachel was the one to get Kurt to join the glee club.

2. Tina and Artie initially joined the glee club because of a dare. Two of their friends dumped pasta on Kurt and Rachel’s heads and then challenged Tina and Artie to join the club as the next stage in their terrible scheme.

3. Sue and Will were once best friends but they had a falling out over the glee club. Sue was jealous that the singers might take all the spotlight from her cheerleaders and demanded Will make a choice: their friendship or the glee club. Will chose the club.

4. Mercedes joined the glee club after talking to Rachel about singing but the two ladies didn’t necessarily get along at first. After Rachel goes to Mercedes’ church to hear her sing, Rachel makes a comment implying that Mercedes won’t be any competition to her. A rivalry is born between the Mercedes and Rachel.

5. Will is eventually chosen to be the President of the new William McKinley School of Performing Arts after the New Directions win the National Show Choir Championship.

6. Sue leaves the school and it’s shockingly revealed that she’s the Vice President of the United States of America. It’s also revealed that she plans on running for President in 2024.

7. Mercedes announces to her fellow glee club members that she was asked to be the opening act for Beyonce’s world tour and won’t be able to keep in touch with them as much while she’s traveling.

8. Kurt and Blaine get married and it also seems like their acting careers are doing great. The two are playing a married couple in a play called “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?” They also asked Rachel to be the surrogate mother for their baby.

9. Speaking of Rachel, the heavily pregnant actress wins a Tony Award and thanks Will for helping her reach her dreams. It’s also revealed that Rachel is married to Jesse St. James.

10. Tina and Artie have gotten back together after hitting a rough patch in their relationship, and it’s revealed that Artie wrote a movie that was selected for the Slamdance Festival. What did you think of the series finale of “Glee?”


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