Giuliana Rancic Confirms Fashion Police Return, Addresses Rumored Feud With Kelly Osbourne – WATCH VIDEO

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Giuliana Rancic Returning Fashion Police

By Minyvonne Burke |

Giuliana Rancic Returning Fashion Police


Giuliana Rancic confirmed she’s returning to “Fashion Police,” and also addressed her rumored feud with former co-host Kelly Osbourne. Earlier in the week, Rancic teased that she wasn’t sure if she would return to the E! show, but said in a new interview that she will definitely be back. Watch the video below.

“Yes, I am returning to ‘Fashion Police,'” said Rancic during an interview with “Extra,” adding, “Once it comes back, it’s gonna be a show I’m proud to be on and that people are proud to watch.” The 40-year-old TV personality also revealed that she hasn’t spoken to Osbourne or Kathy Griffin since the backlash from a comment she made about Zendaya’s hair. As Gossip Cop previously reported, both Griffin and Osbourne left the show last month.

On Monday, Rancic explained more fully her joke after the Oscar’s about Zendaya’s dreadlocks and shortly afterwards Osbourne tweeted, “liars always get caught.” It was immediately speculated that Osbourne’s cryptic tweet was directed at Rancic.

“Did she say my name because there’s no way that can be about me,” Rancic said on Wednesday about the tweet. “I’m telling the truth.” She also revealed that producers are not currently trying to find new “Fashion Police” co-hosts because “all the focus is on the actual show itself and the format of the show.” Rancic added, “Once they figure that out, then they’ll figure out the cast.” Check out the video below of Rancic discussing her return to “Fashion Police” and alleged feud with Osbourne, and tell us what you think.


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