Giuliana Rancic Criticizes American Cancer Society Over New Breast Exam Advice

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Giuliana Rancic Breast Cancer Screening

By Andrew Shuster |

Giuliana Rancic Breast Cancer Screening

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Giuliana Rancic criticized the American Cancer Society on Tuesday over the organization’s new recommendation that women get mammograms “later and less often.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Rancic was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, and underwent a double lumpectomy to have her tumors removed. She has since made a full recovery.

After CNN aired a story in which breast cancer experts argued women will get fewer false positives and be spared unnecessary testing if they’re screened for breast cancer later in life, Rancic tore into the report. Along with a screenshot of the CNN story, the E! personality wrote on Instagram that report was “making my head spin.”

Rancic said, “American Cancer Society is now recommending women get their first mammogram at 45 instead of 40. Wow. If I had taken that advice, I wouldn’t have found my breast cancer at 36 and instead have found it NINE years later. Who knows how much my cancer would have progressed by then???”

She went on to argue, “How can this be the recommendation when EARLY detection has an almost 100% five-year survival rate?” As far as the “unnecessary testing” cited by the researchers, Rancic said, “I would gladly take those tests over living with undetected breast cancer any day.”

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