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Did Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s marriage make a comeback from the brink of annihilation? One tabloid alleges that serious issues between the couple have been soothed over. Gossip Cop thinks the marriage was fine in the first place.

A Saved Marriage Spirals Into Destruction?

In a follow-up to a story that we’ve already busted, Life & Style is now calling the “divorce on hold.” At least this tabloid has some continuity in their made-up stories. Anyway, an alleged source tells the tabloid that the couple went to therapy “and things got better,” but “things took a dark turn after he left the New England Patriots.”

Move To Tampa Bay Put The Marriage Back In Crisis

According to this anonymous source, Bundchen “begged Tom to retire from football so that they could fully work through their issues.” In the previous paragraph, it was explained that the two had already fully been working through their issues, so why would Bundchen want Brady to, in essence, quit his job while therapy was already helping?

Did She Attempt To Destroy His Record Six Super Bowl Rings?

Despite her anger about moving to Florida, “Gisele surprised everyone by agreeing to give him a second change-again.” That would be a third chance. Despite that relatively quick forgiveness, Bundchen was angry enough to “threaten to smash all of Tom’s beloved Super Bowl rings.” That would be a criminal offense and would jump this from marital issues to the destruction of property.

This ring-centric part of the story doesn’t align with the version of Bundchen the tabloid is attempting to paint. She’s played like a victim through the rest of the piece: the put-upon wife who is blindsided by her husband’s selfishness… who also is capable of destroying millions in precious artifacts? It’s too sudden and too outrageous to be believed and would have left behind a police report.

A Shocking Therapy Confession

The couple allegedly has now worked things out in therapy, with Brady allegedly confessing that “moving to Florida didn’t solve their problems and perhaps was a mistake,.” The anonymous source goes on to claim that Brady is still under contract, “so he wouldn’t be allowed to quit even if he wanted to.”

None Of This Happened

The only primary source in this story is a single anonymous source who has insight into what Brady specifically said in therapy. The only people who would know this are Brady, Bundchen and a therapist who legally could not talk about it. This story is false because of a lack of real evidence.

Both Bundchen and Brady have always appeared happily together. Despite constant and bogus divorce rumors, the Brady household looks strong. In the last month, both Bundchen and Brady have wished each other happy birthday on Instagram, with some lovely messages in tow.

Another "Saved Marriage" Story

In this story, Brady and Bundchen’s therapy “saved the marriage.” Gossip Cop has busted this tabloid numerous times for ludicrous “save the marriage” stories. Last month, it claimed Will and Jada Pinkett Smith were heading to the Bahamas to “save their marriage.” It claimed George and Amal Clooney were having twins to “save the marriage.”

Gossip Cop is busting this story not because Brady and Bundchen are actually struggling. By all accounts, they are doing just fine in Florida. No, it’s bogus because these points of stress aren’t true, and the marriage was never on the brink in the first place.

This same tabloid has a running narrative of distrust in the Brady household. Back in June, it ran a story where Bundchen thought Brady was “selfish” for moving the family to Florida. This recent story is largely the same as that one, as though the tabloid is running out of original narratives to promote instead of actual news.


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