Gisele Bundchen, Jimmy Fallon Play “Pup Quiz” On “Tonight Show” (VIDEO)

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Gisele Bundchen Jimmy Fallon Video

By Shari Weiss |

Gisele Bundchen Jimmy Fallon Video

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Gisele Bundchen and Jimmy Fallon competed in an adorable game of “Pup Quiz” on Friday’s “Tonight Show.” Watch the video below!

The premise is simple, but genius: If a person answers a trivia question correctly, they get a precious Golden Retriever puppy as a reward. Because who doesn’t like cuddling with puppies? But if the player fails to answer correctly, the opposing player will get to take one of the rival’s puppies for him or herself. It’s a ruff world.

For this latest installment, Fallon faced off with Bundchen, who happens to be a dog lover. The questions were all animal-themed, and the late-night host immediately objected to the first one offered to the Brazilian supermodel: What is the national animal of Brazil? Fallon exclaimed, “What?! This is unfair!” Bundchen amusingly responded by telling him to “calm down.”

The stakes later increased with “Double Puppardy,” for which two pups were up for grabs. When Bundchen gave the wrong answer, Fallon was ecstatic to go from having just one puppy to three. Gossip Cop won’t spoil the outcome of “Final Puppardy,” but afterward Bundchen shared how she and husband Tom Brady surprised each other by each unexpectedly adding dogs to their family. The couple, parents to two children, now has three dogs as well. Check out the videos below!

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