“Gilmore Girls” Cast On “Today” Show – Watch Interview! (VIDEO)

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Gilmore Girls Cast Video Today Show

By Shari Weiss |

Gilmore Girls Cast Video Today Show


The cast of “Gilmore Girls” appeared on the “Today” show on Tuesday to celebrate the show’s Netflix revival. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, four new episodes of the beloved family drama were released last week. Now stars Lauren Graham, Scott Patterson and Kelly Bishop sat down for a live chat with Savannah Guthrie about returning to Stars Hollow, those last four words, and the possibility of even more installments. There was a slightly awkward start, though, with Guthrie messing up Patterson’s last name, and then pointing out Alexis Bledel’s obvious absence.

As it turned out, Bledel was stuck in traffic, and the interview had to proceed without her. Of the highly-anticipated new episodes finally premiering, Graham said, “It was a relief, to finally talk about it and share it with people. We were so excited when we did it, and we were asked about it for so many years. To finally have it out there is really fun.”

Patterson admitted the character of Luke didn’t come back to him naturally, and, of course, they were missing one key actor: Edward Hermann, who died in 2014. Bishop noted, “He was my TV husband, my set buddy, occasionally a drinking buddy. We emailed, and I absolutely loved him, and I knew he loved the show. He would’ve been absolutely thrilled to do this.”

As the segment went on, Bledel was actually able to call in, and said she hoped viewers were “happy” with the direction Rory’s love life went. Graham went on to say that the final four words “make sense,” but “do pose a question as well.” Like… what happens next?!

The cast, of course, couldn’t answer that, but they still had much more to say. Check out the video below!

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