Gillian Anderson: David Duchovny Is Better Kisser Than Jon Stewart (VIDEO)

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Gillian Anderson Watch What Happens Live

By Andrew Shuster |


Gillian Anderson rated the kissing skills of former co-stars David Duchovny and Jon Stewart during an appearance on Sunday’s “Watch What Happens Live.” Watch the video below!

Anderson and Duchovny’s characters on “The X-Files” developed a romance during the series, while Stewart played the actress’s love interest in the 1998 comedy Playing By Heart. During a game of “Plead The Fifth” on the Bravo talk show, host Andy Cohen asked Anderson to rate each co-star’s onscreen kissing on a scale from one to ten. The actress began nervously laughing before shouting, “Oh, this is terrible!” She added, “I can’t actually remember kissing Jon Stewart, so I would give David an eight.”

Seeing as the former “Daily Show” host’s unmemorable kiss didn’t register on the scale, it’s safe to say Duchovny was the better smoocher with his solid score of “eight.” The actress further confirmed during “Plead The Fifth” that she was originally offered half of Duchovny’s pay to return for the recent “X-Files” revival. She admitted to initially reacting with “What the f**k?!” but the producers eventually agreed to up her salary. And also during the game, Anderson elaborated on her intimate post-college relationship with another woman. Watch a highlight from the actress’s “Watch What Happens Live” interview below!


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