Gilbert Arenas: WNBA Players Are “Ugly” (VIDEO)

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Gilbert Arenas WNBA Players Ugly

By Andrew Shuster |

Gilbert Arenas WNBA Players Ugly

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Gilbert Arenas went off on the WNBA during a social media rant on Wednesday, saying that most female basketball players in the league are “ugly.”

The former NBA star posted and made embeddable an Instagram video of two attractive, scantily clad blonde women playing one-on-one basketball (below). He captioned the video, “NOW this is what america was hoping for when they announced the #WNBA back in 1996… not a bunch of chicks running around looking like cast members from #orangeisthenewblack.” The Netflix show Arenas references is set in a women’s prison and features several lesbian characters.

Arenas went on to say in his post alongside the video, “Dont get me wrong, they have few #cutiepies but theres a whole alotta #beanpies running around.” The former basketball star then singled out Tulsa Shock player Skylar Diggins, expressing that she was an example of one of the good looking WNBA players.

Arenas said if Diggins dressed as provocatively as the women in the video he posted, he wouldn’t “care if she missed every layup..imma buy season tickets and I dont even know where the f— #tulsa is.” The former basketball player ended his offensive tirade by writing, “If u think this is sexist, 9 times out of 10 u the ugly one and we didnt pay to come see u play anyway.”

Tell Gossip Cop what you think about Arenas attacking the WNBA and the attractiveness of the league’s female players. NOTE: The video he shared of what female basketball players should look like has since been removed.


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