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A story about how Gigi Hadid supposedly "showered" Zayn Malik with "sexy bedroom attire" for his birthday was made-up. Gossip Cop can bust it. Plus, we can also explain how it's a part of two shady patterns that demonstrate how a certain webloid fabricates stories.

The first pattern is that when a celebrity has a birthday, HollywoodLife tends to manufacture related narratives. For example, with Malik's birthday last Friday, the site concocted a tale about how he wasn't expecting and didn't want "birthday wishes" from Harry Styles. No one legitimately connected to Malik actually gave the blog such a scoop. It was based on guesses and assumptions made off of readily available information. And it was only put together to capitalize on interest in Malik's birthday.

That leads us to the second pattern. When the star who has the birthday is part of a celebrity coupling, the outlet often pretends to have insight on what the significant other plans to do for a gift. For instance, nearly a year ago, Gossip Cop busted the online publication when it ridiculously claimed Selena Gomez was going to buy The Weeknd a car for his birthday. Of course, she never made such a purchase and they aren't even dating anymore. And in October, the webloid fudged a tale about Blake Shelton supposedly gifting Gwen Stefani a diamond necklace for her birthday, one that she's suspiciously never been seen wearing.

So now, with all that in mind, consider this headline: "Gigi Hadid Showered Zayn Malik With New Electric Guitar & Sexy Bedroom Attire On His 25th Birthday." HollywoodLies, as it's nicknamed, is still trying to exploit the singer's recent milestone and is returning to one of its favorite angles: Birthday gifts. But who would really talk to the site about Hadid giving Malik "sexy bedroom attire"? That actually reminds us of another faux birthday-related "exclusive" from last year, in which it was claimed Stefani spent "thousands" on "sexy new lingerie" for Shelton's birthday.

Gossip Cop is going to be blunt: Real people close to celebrities don't go spilling to the gossip media about their intimate bedroom moments and what they do or don't wear on their nether regions. That the outlet is actually claiming to have a "source" revealing Hadid gifted Malik "loads of pairs of his favorite Tommy Hilfiger undies" is laughable. Also, consider what other reputable publications have written about the British star's birthday.

People, widely considered to be one of the most reliable and credible resources in the world of celebrity journalism, reported on Malik and Hadid stepping out in Matrix-inspired outfits on his birthday. The magazine also wrote about the model posting birthday tributes to her boyfriend on Instagram. At no point was anything said about birthday-related beef with Styles or gifts of underwear. Yet here's HollywoodLies wanting fans to believe that someone it scored "exclusives" on such topics.

If you're thinking this smells worse than dirty underwear, you'd be right. It's all very fishy, but transparently so. Not only has Gossip Cop been told that those in Hadid and Malik's inner circle (and those of other stars) aren't running to HollywoodLies with private dish, but this article fits right into its story patterns when it comes to celebrity birthdays. It's clearly fabricated just like the similarly-themed ones that have come before it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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