Last summer, fans went crazy on Twitter over the possibility Gigi Hadid was pregnant with Zayn Malik's baby. Nine months later, the model hasn't given birth. That's because the pregnancy rumor was fake, as Gossip Cop pointed out at the time.

The confusion was sparked after a Twitter account supposedly belonging to Hadid's mom Yolanda posted, "I will be a proud grandma in eight months... Life is a blessing." The handle shown in screengrabs of the message, "yolanda.hadid," matched the username the "Real Housewives" star uses on her verified Instagram account. It didn't take long for fans to become convinced Hadid was pregnant, to the point where "#CongratsZigi" became a trending topic.

But this was a false alarm. Amdist all the speculation last July, Yolanda was asked directly on Twitter if the pregnancy rumors were "the truth." She replied from her real, verified account, "No of course not." She added, "If my daughter was pregnant she would be the one to announce it not me." And in the last nine months, Hadid never made any kind of pregnancy announcement.

In fact, she and Malik didn't even stay in a relationship. By March, Hadid and Malik had split after more than two years together. At the time, the British singer said they had an "incredibly meaningful, loving and fun relationship," while the model commented, "I'm forever grateful for the love, time, and life lessons that Z and I shared." Neither, of course, mentioned anything about a baby.

And as opposed to gaining weight due to a pregnancy, around the same time Hadid addressed her weight loss, revealing she had slimmed down due to treatment for Hashimoto's disease. She told fans on Twitter, "Know that you never really know the whole story." Such advice could just as easily apply to the assumptions supporters had made about a nonexistent pregnancy.

Malik and Hadid seemed to move toward a reconciliation in April, and earlier this month, it appeared they were officially back together based on an Instagram post that showed them cuddling. Still, there's been no sign of a pregnancy and Hadid had no bump when she attended the Ocean's 8 premiere just last week. Quite obviously, her mom was telling the truth when she denied Hadid was pregnant, and time has proven that fans really were duped by a fake message, just as Gossip Cop said at the time. We'll continue to share what's real and what's untrue rumor going forward.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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