Gigi Hadid Stalker Sentenced To Prison

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Gigi Hadid Stalker Prison Sentence

By Michael Lewittes |

Gigi Hadid Stalker Prison Sentence

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Gigi Hadid’s stalker was sentenced to prison on Tuesday, Gossip Cop has learned. A New York judge slapped Marcell Porter with one to possibly three years behind bars for making his way into the model’s apartment and for posting a number of scary messages on Facebook. “I’ll lock you up so fast you won’t know what hit you,” the judged warned Porter, if he tried to get near Hadid again.

As Gossip Cop reported in July 2015, Porter was arrested after he somehow got inside Hadid’s apartment in the hip Soho section of New York City. As a result, the runway model put her place on the market. We were told at the time by the police that Porter attempted to get into Hadid’s home on several occasions before finally succeeding. According to court papers, Porter even told her superintendent, “She wants to marry me and have my kids.” He was subsequently arrested and charged with stalking. He later struck a deal that included pleading guilty to stalking and burglary.

Porter’s obsession with Hadid was rather open and public. On his own Facebook page, he posted a number of pictures of Hadid, as well as messages, including one that read, “Gigi I’m at the hotel in queens. Trying to find the gym you went to while working. Love you with the purple pants and shades my soulmate. Tell your friends I said hi. Especially Taylor [Swift].” And not too long before he was taken into custody, Porter wrote on Facebook, “I love u. I know everything now. Wait for me soulmate” and “Why can’t you call me? I will talk to u in person ASAP. I love you once again.”

Hadid has made no mention on social media of her stalker being sentenced to prison. Gossip Cop has also reached out to a rep for the model for comment.

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