Gigi Hadid Upset Over Taylor Swift, Zayn Malik Collaboration?

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Gigi Hadid Reaction Taylor Swift Zayn Malik

By Shari Weiss |

Gigi Hadid Reaction Taylor Swift Zayn Malik

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Is Gigi Hadid upset over Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik’s collaboration? That’s the claim coming from this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop can reveal what’s going on.

“Gigi’s Inzayn Jealousy,” reads a punny but not very funny headline in the new issue of Star. It says in the article, “Gigi Hadid might have publicly tweeted her support for Zayn Malik’s Fifty Shades Darker duet with Taylor Swift, but privately, the Victoria’s Secret stunner is praying that will be the first and last time those two collaborate in the recording studio.”

A so-called “source” explains, “Gigi trusts Taylor, but she didn’t love the idea of her working so closely with Zayn. Taylor can be incredibly charming, so you can bet she kept in near-constant contact with them while she was away.” The supposed snitch goes on to reference the pals’ mutual ex, Joe Jonas, adding, “It’s no secret that she and Taylor have the same taste in men. But it certainly doesn’t help that he’s a dead ringer for Zayn.”

Uh, Jonas and Malik look nothing alike. But that’s the least of this story’s flaws. First, it’s worth noting that the magazine is trying to make it seem like Hadid is worried Swift will steal her man when, back in June, the publication said Swift had forced Hadid to split from Malik so they could be single women together. Pretty contradictory, no? It also makes no sense that Hadid would suddenly have an issue when all three have hung out together on various occasions this year.

The biggest problem here, however, is that Star built this article on a false premise. It’s all about Hadid being insecure over Malik and Swift spending time alone together. But the two singers didn’t actually “collaborate in the recording studio.” They each recorded their vocals for “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” separately. In other words, there was no one-on-one time for Hadid to keep tabs on.

The tabloid manufactured a fake news story and didn’t have the some of most crucial facts. That’s pretty pathetic. Hadid isn’t upset in the least about Swift and Malik’s collaboration. But we couldn’t blame her if she was upset about this sham love triangle story.

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