Gigi Hadid NOT “Desperate” For Zayn Malik To Propose Because Joe Jonas Is Engaged

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Gigi Hadid Zayn Malik Propose

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Gigi Hadid Zayn Malik Propose

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Gig Hadid is not “desperate” for Zayn Malik to propose now that her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas is engaged, despite reports that started circulating on Wednesday. Gossip Cop can bust the false stories.

HollywoodLife is blaring a in headline, “Gigi Hadid Reportedly Desperate For Zayn Malik To Propose After Ex Joe Jonas Gets Engaged.” Picking up the allegations from Life & Style, the webloid writes, “Gigi Hadid reportedly has total FOMO after hearing that ex Joe Jonas is getting married! Is Zayn Malik going to propose soon and make her dreams come true?” The site goes on to assert, “Here’s the problem: Zayn’s head over heels in love with Gigi, but he’s just not ready to get married right now!

“Rushing into marriage is the last thing Zayn wants,” HollywoodLies quotes the tabloid’s so-called “source” as saying. “Zayn wants to focus on conquering his demons [his problems with anxiety] before walking down the aisle. Zayn knows Gigi’s the one but he would rather wait another year before getting engaged.” This supposed snitch goes on to contend, “Gigi is desperate to have the fairytale wedding she’s always dreamed of.” But that doesn’t mean she’s pressuring Malik to pop the question.

HollywoodLies would’ve known that if it bothered to investigate and fact-check before lazily regurgitating the gossip magazine’s claims. This is really the uninformed leading the uninformed. While Life & Style is currently alleging the model and the singer are “clashing” over “marriage plans,” the publication previously said Hadid and Malik split more than a year ago. In fact, the tabloid ran untrue breakup stories three weeks in a row, embarrassingly indicating how inaccurate and unconnected it really is. And that untrustworthy outlet is who HollywoodLies now decided to copy from.

Of course, the webloid has its own poor track record with the couple, with made-up stories like one that claimed Hadid was urging Malik to reunite with One Direction. Both the site and the magazine have a history of misinforming fans, and now they’ve essentially teamed up and done so again. Contrary to the new contentions, Gossip Cop is told Hadid is not in “hurry-up mode” when it comes to a proposal from Malik. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a close contact shared that both are happy with the state of their relationship, and if and when they do decide to get engaged, it will have nothing to do with Jonas or anyone else.