Gigi Hadid: I’m “Half-Palestinian And Proud Of It” (PHOTO)

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Gigi Hadid Palestinian Photo

By Shari Weiss |

Gigi Hadid Palestinian Photo

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Gigi Hadid wants everyone to know she’s “proud” of her Palestinian heritage. Check out the photo below.

On Wednesday, Hadid shared an Instagram picture of her hand, and several others, decorated with henna tattoos. She wrote in the caption, “Had the best night with some of my oldest friends last night. Feel so blessed to have a foundation of friendships that will bond us for the rest of our lives.”

“The way we can all sit around and talk like the clock’s been turned back 10 years is the most beautiful and grounding feeling,” she continued. “It’s so important to be with the families that raised you and the friends that were raised with yours. So much love in my heart this holiday season!!!!!”

While the post was intended to celebrate her lifelong friendships, the model was also apparently concerned about getting called out for the henna. She added at the end of her caption, “& before you go all ‘cultural appropriation; in my comments, check out the last name. Hadid. Half Palestinian & proud of it.”

The statement received a number of mixed reactions from fans. Some argued it was still cultural appropriation because Hadid’s non-Palestinian pals also participated in the art session. Another also commented, “Now ur proud of it bc of henna where were u last 2 years claiming ur Dutch.”

Indeed, Hadid’s mother Yolanda Foster is a Netherlands native, but her father, Mohamed Hadid, was born in Israel. And one follower now urged her, “Claim that arab heritage! Provide us some representation and visibility.” Someone else remarked, “Instead of henna how about you actually do something for your people that are dying everyday. Then you should be proud of it.”

Hadid is currently dating Zayn Malik, who received death threats last year after he tweeted “#FreePalestine” during the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza during the of summer 2014. The former One Direction singer is of Pakistani descent. Check out Hadid’s henna photo below, and tell us what you think of her post.

Gigi Hadid Henna Photo



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