Gigi Hadid Jealous Of Taylor Swift?

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Gigi Hadid Jealous Taylor Swift

By Shari Weiss |

Gigi Hadid Jealous Taylor Swift

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Is Gigi Hadid jealous of Taylor Swift? That’s the claim making the rounds this week. Gossip Cop can reveal what’s real and what’s rumor.

“Gigi Jealous Of Taylor,” declares a headline in the current edition of OK!. The article states, “Outwardly, Gigi Hadid has been nothing but supportive of 23-year-old boyfriend Zayn Malik’s new collaboration with her pal Taylor Swift. But a source says that when the two pop stars were working on their just-released duet, ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,’ for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack, the 21-year-old model was in near-constant contact with them — and it wasn’t because she was hoping to hear an early cut of the song.”

The supposed “source” claims, “Gigi trusts Taylor, but she still didn’t love the idea of her working so closely with Zayn. She knows guys find Taylor irresistible.” And, asserts the magazine, “Their history of dating the same guy only amplified her insecurity.”

After the Joe Jonas reference, the tabloid’s alleged tipster goes on to say, “The fact that she and Taylor have the same taste in men freaks her out a little. It doesn’t matter that Gigi is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world right now. She knows chemistry isn’t always about looks, and Taylor’s got charm for days.”

Does any of this sound familiar? It should. Sister outlet Star also tried peddling these claims in this week’s issue. In fact, that story, which was all about Hadid being upset over Swift and Malik’s collaboration, features some of the very same quotes. But publishing the same allegations twice doesn’t make them true.

On the contrary, the OK! piece actually features the same glaring omissions that Star did. Not mentioned is the fact that Swift and Malik are friends precisely because of Hadid. And, more importantly, they did not actually record the song together in the same place, so there was nothing for Hadid to check up on. These alleged details are obviously manufactured.

Hadid is a confident, secure young woman at the top of her industry. Swift may be at the top of hers, too, but just because she shares a profession with Malik doesn’t mean she’s interested in stealing her friend’s boyfriend. Yes, it’s real that Swift and Malik collaborated on a song. But the notion that Hadid is now dealing with jealousy because of it is a totally unfounded rumor.

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