Gigi Hadid Hacked, Blackmailers Threaten To Release Photos And Videos

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Gigi Hadid Hacked

By Shari Weiss |

Gigi Hadid Hacked

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Gigi Hadid is at the center of a new hacking scandal, with blackmailers reportedly threatening to release personal photos and videos of the star.

It’s unclear when the security breach happened, but the hackers claim to have obtained Hadid’s personal data through Apple’s iCloud, which was connected to her iPhone. After the hacking, the perpetrators contacted the model and demanded she pay up in order to keep the material private. As part of the blackmail scheme, the unidentified hackers threatened to sell the photos and videos to media outlets if Hadid didn’t pay them off.

But so far the blonde beauty has refused to give in. According to TMZ, Hadid has the police and a private security firm investigating the hacking in hopes of finding the person or people responsible. The nature of the photos and videos are unclear, but the culprits would likely be prosecuted whether the material is released or not.

Back in July, an alleged stalker was arrested for getting inside Hadid’s New York City apartment. So far, there’s no indication the two incidents are related. Hadid attended the American Music Awards on Sunday (see photo above), where she presented with Kylie Jenner. She has not spoken about the hacking on social media.


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