Gigi Hadid Slams Cocaine Snort Story: “I’m Insulted”

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Gigi Hadid Cocaine

By Minyvonne Burke |

Gigi Hadid Cocaine

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Gigi Hadid slammed a gossip site for making up a story about her allegedly being caught doing cocaine at a party. The 19-year-old model took to Twitter to say she was “insulted” a webloid would even post a story implying she was doing drugs.

Hadid hosted a Victoria’s Secret party in Miami over the weekend with her boyfriend Cody Simpson, who uploaded a Snapchat Story video showing the model dancing and then leaning down over a table. Teen gossip site OceanUp posted the video, along with a story insinuating that Hadid, the daughter of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Yolanda Foster, was bending down to snort a line of cocaine.

Understandably, Hadid was outraged by the fake report and bashed the webloid on Twitter, writing, “@OCEANUP you are the pits of the world. It’s very sad that you need to go to those lengths for someone to maybe read your sh*t blog.” She added, “If u actually watch the video there is nothing on the counter 5 sec’s before you see that image… It’s not only impossible but insane to me.”

Hadid went on to say that she was “insulted” by the claim and noted, “besides for doing the supposed in general, I’d be an idiot to do that at a WORK EVENT in front of hundreds of people/press.” The model continued, “I take pride in being a good role model” and “would never touch that, & will not stand for or put up with a little piece of scum blog like OU.” What do you think about Hadid’s comments about the fake cocaine snorting story?


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