Gigi Hadid Begging Zayn Malik To Quit Touring?

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Gigi Hadid Zayn Malik Quit Touring

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Gigi Hadid Zayn Malik Quit Touring

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Gigi Hadid is begging Zayn Malik to quit touring, according to a report from the tabloids. But is it true? Gossip Cop is told no.

Malik has canceled a few sporadic concert dates since launching his solo career. But Life & Style is reporting that his girlfriend, Haidid, “wants him to give up touring completely.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Gigi suggested to Zayn that he needs to take a year off to focus on himself, and that he should just quit touring.”

Hadid’s purported request supposedly stems from concern over Malik’s anxiety, which the gossip magazine claims he’s “tried everything to stop… including acupuncture and therapy sessions, to no avail.” The outlet contends the model is “urging him to put his health first and to focus his talents on activities that don’t trigger an episode.” Hadid, adds the publication’s source, feels “nothing is more important than Zayn’s well-being.”

Well, that’s typically how anyone feels about their partner, regardless of whether they suffer from anxiety. And Malik himself actually said in an interview published just last month, “I now have no problem with anxiety.” That’s not the only flaw in this article. The whole premise is that Hadid wants Malik to stop touring, but the former One Direction member has never gone on tour as a solo artist.

Despite launching his solo career more than two years ago, he has only made one-off appearances on television shows and at events, and none of those took place recently. He has not ever done any kind of concert series apart from his time in One Direction. In fact, the “tour” page on his official website says “coming soon.” So, why would Hadid be begging Malik to quit something he’s never actually done?

On the contrary, Gossip Cop is told that the couple is very supportive of one another’s careers, which is why they just collaborated on the new Vogue cover. Malik values Hadid’s opinion, but they are on the same page about both his health and his professional obligations. If anything, it seems Life & Style should quit reporting on the couple. More than a year ago, the tabloid falsely claimed Malik and Hadid broke up. The magazine has no credibility here.