Are Gigi and Bella Hadid upset over their mom's tell-all book? A new report claims their sisters are "infuriated" by Yolanda Hadid's memoir. Gossip Cop, however, has learned this story isn't the least bit true.

The article in question can be found in the new issue of OK!, under the headline, "The Hadids: Sick Of Yolanda." The tabloid contends in its teaser, "As Yolanda Hadid's lyme disease memoir hits shelves, Gigi and Bella rail against their mother's decision to tell all." Contends the gossip magazine, "The models are said to be livid over the intense tell-all, particularly its unsympathetic portrayal of their former stepfather, David Foster."

"The girls don't understand why their mom would air all the family's dirty laundry," a so-called "source" claims. "Yolanda is sharing details of her marriage that her kids didn't even know about and they feel heartbroken and embarrassed." The outlet's supposed snitch alleges Gigi is "still very close to David and sees him as one of her biggest supporters," while Bella "just wishes her mom would get on with her life and leave the past in the past. She doesn't understand why Yolanda is dwelling on the negative when she's in a good place now. Why write something so toxic — for publicity?"

As for how their mom feels, the publication's tipster asserts, "Gigi and Bella are avoiding Yolanda's calls, which has her worked up. She's always had their backs and is shocked they're not being more supportive." Yet while OK! claims neither sister has "posted a peep" on social media about the book since it was announced more than a year ago, that's just factually inaccurate. On September 13, a week before this piece was published, Gigi tweeted, "NYC! My cute mom @YolandaHFoster will be at Barnes & Noble TriBeCa (Warren St) tonight @6:30,signing her new book #BelieveMe! #LymeDisease." Bella retweeted her sister's message, as well as one from Barnes and Noble days prior.

Gossip Cop has to wonder what kind of "source" the tabloid is speaking to about Gigi and Bella being unsupportive when that contention is so easily disproven. Then again, the magazine has a history of inadequate reporting. For example, nearly a year ago, Gossip Cop busted the outlet when it lazily picked up a Heat story alleging Gigi and Bella were feuding over the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Just like now, the assertions were readily contradicted by statements and postings by the sisters themselves, which OK! failed to acknowledge. Now the publication is trying to peddle another bogus story. Don't fall for it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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