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Are Gigi and Bella Hadid upset Kendall Jenner is "hooking up" with their brother Anwar? A certain website is claiming to know their reaction. But Gossip Cop has learned the story is largely untrue.

RadarOnline is branding Jenner a "backstabbing BFF" in the wake of a photo surfacing of her kissing Anwar at a CFDA Awards after-party. According to the site, she's "created model mayhem" with her "former besties" over her "secret hookups" with Gigi and Bella's younger brother, who is described as "barely legal." It's specifically alleged the sisters are "bothered," but Jenner is unfazed by their dismay.

A so-called "source close to the situation" is quoted as saying, "Kendall doesn't care what anyone thinks about her and Anwar hooking up, including his sisters." The blog goes on to contend Jenner "sunk her teeth into Anwar this week even though he is still suspected to be with longtime girlfriend," Nicola Peltz. Alleges the supposed snitch, "Kendall has had the hots for Anwar forever and the fact that he was with Nicola only made her want him more."

But Gossip Cop can't help but wonder if the website really has a "source close to the situation" because so much of its article is false. For starters, the Hadid sisters are not Jenner's "former besties." There hasn't been any kind of falling out and the women remain friends. Second, the outlet has no proof to support its contention that Kendall and Anwar have had "secret hookups," plural. To date, only a single picture has emerged of them kissing at one party. Additionally, Kendall and Anwar are not dating, as Gossip Cop exclusively reported on Wednesday. Their kiss shouldn't be misconstrued as a serious relationship.

Third, it's a bit silly and misleading to deem Anwar "barely legal." He turned 18 nearly a full year ago and will be 19 on June 22. He is only a few years younger than Jenner, and he and Peltz actually have a larger age difference. She's already 23, while 22-year-old Jenner won't be until November. There's no justifiable reason then to raise age-related eyebrows on one pairing and not the other.

Fourth, Anwar is not "still with" Peltz, despite the implication that he cheated on her with Jenner. The former couple hasn't been seen together since early May, and People reports they "recently split," which is what Gossip Cop was told as well. Fifth, while the site maintains Gigi and Bella are "bothered" by Jenner and Anwar's kiss, the far more credible People is actually reporting the exact opposite, specifically stating, "Gigi and Bella wouldn't be bothered by it." As evidence that there is no issue, Jenner and Anwar were even seen going to Gigi's New York apartment this week. If the site really had a "source" close to the situation, it would know all of this.

It should also be noted that People backs up our reporting on Jenner being single. In contrast, Gossip Cop has pointed out multiple significant errors in RadarOnline's report that disprove not just the small details, but the entire premise. There is no proof Gigi and Bella are upset about their brother kissing Jenner. But as explained here, there's evidence they aren't.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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