‘Ghostbusters’ Cast Annoyed By “Perfect” Chris Hemsworth: Watch ‘Graham Norton Show’ Video

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Ghostbusters Cast Graham Norton Show

By Andrew Shuster |

Ghostbusters Cast Graham Norton Show

(Graham Norton Show)

The cast of the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot appeared on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show,” during which they expressed their annoyance over the perfection of co-star Chris Hemsworth. Watch the funny video below!

“It’s too much. At a certain point, I thought, ‘I have never rooted for someone maybe to be just an unbelievable jerk,'” Melissa McCarthy said about trying to find a flaw in the handsome actor, who plays the Ghostbusters’ secretary in the film. “I just needed something to be wrong with him.” Kristen Wiig added, “And there was nothing.”

In addition to his good looks, Leslie Jones revealed that Hemsworth is also “hilarious,” adding, “We were like, ‘Did you bring writers or something?’ He was killing it.” McCarthy continued, “He was funny like a guy who had to fight his way off the playground his whole life. And he had to be funny so he didn’t get his ass kicked. It was very strange.”

But Hemsworth’s attributes didn’t end there. “We were talking about music and he started singing,” McCarthy recalled, “and he started to sound like a songbird.” She added, “I did not mean to, but it was deep and guttural and I said, ‘You shut up Chris!’… I was like, ‘You can’t have another thing. I’m gonna pretend you’re a terrible singer so I know you’re human.'”

Fellow cast mate Kate McKinnon then joked, “I bet he doesn’t even have boogers,” to which Jones said, “Or if he does have boogers, they taste like corn flakes.” And on Hemsworth’s last day of shooting, McCarthy revealed that they got him cake, but “he got more chiseled and a little bit tanner” while eating it. “Weirdly, I didn’t have any cake, but when he was done eating his, I had gained like six pounds,” the actress joked, before raising her fists in the air and shouting “Hemsworth!” Watch a highlight below from the Ghostbusters cast’s “Graham Norton Show” interview!


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