‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer Reignites Misogynistic Backlash Over Female Reboot

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Ghostbusters Trailer Backlash

By Andrew Shuster |

Ghostbusters Trailer Backlash

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The Ghostbusters reboot first experienced backlash in early 2015 when it was announced there would be an all-female cast, including Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, and with the film’s trailer being released on Thursday, the misogynistic criticism has been reignited.

In the few short hours since it debuted, the trailer has been viewed on Sony Pictures’ official YouTube page by more than 350,00 people. However, the preview has nearly than 30,000 “thumbs down votes” compared to around 20,000 “thumbs up votes.” The comment section is similarly scathing. One of the top “liked” comments, by a user named KS R, reads, “This looks awful. An all female cast was a big mistake.” A person with the handle Ali Ameri55 wrote, “Whose genius idea was it to remake a total guy movie with an all female cast? Good way to lose both audiences.” And a person named Derle Dixon simply stated, “Women ruin everything.”

In addition to those and more negative reactions on YouTube, there were hundreds more on Twitter. A user with the handle ‏@SpacePirate_JFT tweeted, “Every time I watch the actual Ghostbusters movie… the all-female remake makes me angrier and angrier.” About the cast, @LexVegasXray griped, “Fat woman, loud black woman and two other women. How about remaking Rambo with all women?” And a user named @Hamstachick expressed, “Really?! Chicks? Corny jokes?… It’s been ruined. Damn.”

As Gossip Cop reported, writer-director Paul Feig previously addressed the controversy of remaking Ghostbusters with four women in the lead roles. He called the response by furious fans on the Internet “some of the most vile, misogynistic s**t I’ve ever seen in my life.” It remains to be seen how the sexist backlash will affect the film’s box office when it’s released on July 15. See the ‘Ghostbusters’ trailer below.


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