‘Ghost In The Shell’ Never Tried To Make Scarlett Johansson Appear Japanese Through CGI, Despite Report

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Ghost In Shell GCI Scarlett Johansson Japanese

By Michael Lewittes |

Ghost In Shell GCI Scarlett Johansson Japanese


Paramount Pictures never tried to use CGI to make Scarlett Johansson appear Japanese in The Ghost In The Shell, despite an erroneous report. Gossip Cop can correct this claim, which was picked up far and wide. We’re told no tests were ever done on Johansson’s character to change the look of her ethnicity.

As Gossip Cop reported week, Johansson stars in the upcoming American remake of the Japanese anime, The Ghost In The Shell. She plays a character named Major, a cyborg policewoman who’s Asian in the original film and manga comic on which it’s based. After the release of the first photo of Johansson in character (above), there was a tremendous amount of backlash from fans, who pointed to her casting as an example of Hollywood whitewashing.

But it only got worse, according to a report by Screencrush, which was picked up by a slew of lemming-like sites. The movie-centric outlet alleged, “After the backlash surrounding Johansson’s role in the film, producers reportedly attempted to quell the controversy with an old standby Hollywood uses to fix a lot of problems: CGI.” The outlet further claimed Paramount “commissioned visual effects tests that would’ve altered Scarlett Johansson in post-production to ‘shift her ethnicity’ and make the Caucasian actress appear more Asian in the film.”

It’s not true. Paramount denies test were done on Johansson’s character, and a source close to the actress also tells Gossip Cop they never tried to make her look Japanese. As Gossip Cop previously noted, production on The Ghost In The Shell has already begun in New Zealand, and it’s slated to hit theaters on March 31, 2017.


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