Gerard Butler Taking Year Off From Acting?

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Gerard Butler Acting Break

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Gerard Butler Acting Break

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Is Gerard Butler really taking a year off from acting? A report claims the actor wants to temporarily retire in order to focus on his personal life. But Gossip Cop has learned this tale is provably untrue.

The article in question can be found in the pages of Star, which begins by asserting that “after a lifetime of lovin’ and leavin’ em,” Butler has “finally found his queen” in longtime girlfriend Morgan Brown. Contends the tabloid, the movie star is “so smitten, he’s planning to spend a year off camera to concentrate on his red-hot romance.” A so-called “pal” is quoted as saying Butler was “this-close to popping the question before he got cold feet at the very last minute” last year, but now he wants to advance the relationship.

“He can’t wait to wrap production on his latest movie, Angel Has Fallen, to start building a life” with Brown, asserts the gossip magazine. Notes the supposed source, “Gerry’s finishing up the shoot in Eastern Europe, and then he’ll focus full-time on making Morgan happy.” This outlet’s alleged tipster adds, “She’s stuck it out with him through thick and thin. Now it’s her turn to come first.”

Regardless of the state of Butler’s relationship, this purported plan to put his career on hold for the next year is easily disproven. In February, it was announced Butler will star in Afterburn, a comic adaptation that’s been a passion project for the star. Deadline specifically reported, “The film is eyeing a late summer production start.” That same month, it was revealed Butler signed on to star in Den Of Thieves 2. Clearly, he is not planning to give up acting following the completion of Angel Has Fallen. On the contrary, he has his next two movies booked and will be back on set in just a few months.

Star and its ilk have been spreading misinformation about Butler as it relates to his career and his love life for years. Back in 2011, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for falsely claiming he and his Playing For Keeps co-star Jessica Biel were in a relationship. More recently, we called out the magazine’s sister publications, the National Enquirer and RadarOnline, for making up stories about Butler comforting Jennifer Aniston, his co-star in The Bounty Hunter, amid her marriage problems.

At the time, it was even alleged he was “ready to commit” to her and embark on a romance together. Notably, nothing was mentioned about Brown. And now nothing is said about Aniston in this latest article about Butler putting his professional life on hold for Morgan. The narratives are inconsistent because they’re untrue.


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