Geraldo Rivera Reunites With Daughter Simone Following Paris Attacks (VIDEO)

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Geraldo Rivera Daughter Reunites

By Andrew Shuster |

Geraldo Rivera Daughter Reunites

(Fox News)

Geraldo Rivera was reunited over the weekend with his daughter Simone, who managed to escape unharmed from Friday’s terrorist attacks across Paris. Watch the emotional video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Simone was attending the soccer match at the Stade de France when the stadium came under attack by three ISIS suicide bombers. The soccer stadium was one of several locations targeted in the attacks, which killed at least 129 people.

Rivera spoke with Fox News on Monday while on location in Paris, where he traveled to be with his daughter. After showing footage of their touching reunion, Rivera spoke about the experience. “[It was] an amazing relief just to squeeze her,” he said. “Just to know she was safe.”

The veteran newsman added, “The Rivera family is tremendously relieved, but we mourn for all the other families who have suffered so much.” Simone is studying abroad in Paris, and Rivera went on to reveal, “The kids in [her] exchange program are going through counseling.”

Rivera also told Fox News his take on the attacks, which he described as a “colossal failure of intelligence.” He went on to vigorously express, “We have to destroy ISIS in Syria and Iraq or this will be the future for our children and our children’s children.” Watch Rivera reunite with his daughter Simone in the video below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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