Geraldo Rivera On ‘Howard Stern’: Only A “Crazy Person” Can Become Republican Presidential Nominee (AUDIO)

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Geraldo Rivera Howard Stern Show 2016

By Andrew Shuster |

Geraldo Rivera appeared on Tuesday’s “Howard Stern Show,” during which he argued that only a “crazy person” could win the Republican presidential nomination. Listen to audio from the interview below!

Stern first brought up Donald Trump’s feud with Rivera’s fellow Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly, who grilled the candidate during the first Republican presidential debate about his seemingly derogatory remarks towards women. “Silly is exactly the word I used,” Rivera said of Trump’s hostility towards the anchor. “C’mon, one hard question from one reporter and you’re gonna go off like this? You’re gonna get obsessive about this?” The veteran journalist added, “It was weird, and it was pointless.”

Stern then asked if Trump has ever confronted Rivera for criticizing him on television, to which he noted, “I have heard from Trump many times, and let me just say, he knows I love him. I love his family.” Rivera further voiced his admiration for Trump’s children, most of whom he knows personally. The reporter went on to reveal he “begged” Trump to reconsider his stance on immigration, but the businessman refused. “How could I vote for someone who wants to deport families who have citizen children?” Rivera asked. “You can’t do that!” He continued, “The problem is, if you want to be the Republican nominee these days, you have to be a crazy person. You gotta be nuts. You gotta talk crazy.”

The radio host agreed with Rivera’s opinion, saying, “If you don’t appeal to the crazies in that party, you’ll never get the nomination.” And as far as Trump’s proposal to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, the journalist said, “The wall’s gonna be what, 20 feet high? [America’s] gonna spend billions and billions, and the Mexicans are gonna have a 21-foot ladder they’re gonna get for three bucks at Home Depot.” Listen to a highlight from Rivera’s “Howard Stern Show” interview below!


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