Geraldo Rivera Daughter Simone Escapes Paris Attacks – WATCH VIDEO

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Geraldo Rivera Paris Daughter

By Michael Lewittes |

Geraldo Rivera Paris Daughter

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Geraldo Rivera’s 21-year-old daughter Simone was among the people attending a soccer match at the Stade de France in Paris when a series of explosions went off near the stadium. The veteran newsman told Fox News on Friday that his daughter was at the soccer game between France and Germany when three explosions went off. “She heard the three explosions near half time,” said Rivera. Watch the video below.

A visibly shaken Rivera began crying as he recounted how Simone and three of her friends managed to escape and find a safe area. Simone, who was able to briefly reach her father before cell service cut out, said she saw a SWAT team armed with rifles rush into the stadium right afterwards.

Rivera’s daughter is currently studying abroad for her junior year of college, and the newsman noted that the family had previously planned to visit her in Paris for Thanksgiving. Simone, however, will not be returning to the U.S. anytime soon. French President Francois Hollande, who was also at the soccer match when the explosions detonated, just closed all the borders to France.

Not too far away from the stadium, at least 50 people were reportedly shot and killed, while another 100-plus are being held hostage at The Bataclan theater. The shootings occurred at a concert by the American band, Eagles Of Death Metal, however the band is not believed to be among the hostages.

Rivera added, “I just thank God she wasn’t at the rock concert, but was at the soccer stadium where, because of the President’s presence, there was considerable security.” However, referring to the current lack of cell service, he said, “You can imagine what it was like for us as parents, waiting for her to communicate with us.” He added, “We are very concerned. We won’t rest until she is in her apartment.”

Gossip Cop will update as we gather more information about the tragic situation in Paris.

Watch the video below of Rivera talking about his daughter Simone’s harrowing experience amidst the Paris explosions.


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