George Takei NOT Running For Congress, Despite April Fools’ Day Prank

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George Takei April Fools

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George Takei April Fools

(George Takei/Twitter)

George Takei is NOT running for Congress, despite many reputable outlets falling for an April Fools’ prank. Gossip Cop can help set the record straight.

Early Saturday, minutes after the clock struck midnight on the East Coast, Takei tweeted what appeared to be a news story announcing a run for Congress. He wrote, “Well, the cat’s out of the bag it seems. Let’s do this! #Takei2018.” In the article, Takei was quoted as saying, “What is going on now in the country, I couldn’t stand by any longer merely as a citizen. I knew I had to take a bigger stand. So that’s why I’m running for Congress. My hope is to challenge Davin Nunes for his seat in 2018.”

“I think Nunes is vulnerable. And I plan to prove that. People are tired of his ass-kissing of Trump. Can I say that? I think I can. These days you can say pretty much anything and not get in trouble,” Takei further said. He supposedly went on, “I want to be a champion for all people, but especially those whose voices are not heard often in the halls of Congress. We need to build a majority again in Congress, too, to be a check against the Trump Administration’s excesses, assuming he’s even around by then to keep making horrific mistakes.”

It didn’t take long for publications to pick up Takei’s tweet and the accompanying story. TMZ, People, Entertainment Weekly, Just Jared, The Hollywood Reporter and other big-name outlets all reported it as fact that Takei was running for Congress. He is NOT.

It was all a semi-elaborate joke. Takei himself admitted the gag Saturday morning, tweeting the above photo, along with, “No, I’m not running for Congress. Happy 4/1! But Jon Ossoff is on 4/18. Help him win at . Let’s flip Congress in ’18.”

Despite Takei’s admission, some, like TMZ and People, have yet to update and correct their inaccurate reports (as of this posting). It’s bad enough when legitimate outlets run fake news on ordinary days. Gossip Cop encourages all to be extra vigilant on April Fools’ Day.

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