George Stephanopoulos NOT Getting “Pushed Out” Of “GMA” For Michael Strahan, Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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George Stephanopoulos Pushed Out Michael Strahan

By Shari Weiss |

George Stephanopoulos Pushed Out Michael Strahan

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George Stephanopoulos is NOT getting “pushed out” of “GMA” for Michael Strahan, despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the claim.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Strahan will be joining “Good Morning America” this fall as a full-time anchor. According to HollywoodLife, “his new role at ‘GMA’ is the show’s way of pushing out their longtime anchor, George Stephanopoulos.” While the morning program is an ensemble show, the webloid claims Strahan’s new gig is a “major slap in the face to their other anchor.”

In fact, the site further claims this is ABC’s “way of telling him to kick rocks.” Picking up a quote from the New York Post, HollywoodLife even cites a supposed “source” as saying, “It’s a signal for George Stephanopoulos. This [means] get lost, we’re not paying you $10 million.”

All this conjecture, however, is wildly off-base. Strahan is coming on to “GMA” as an ADDITION to the team, not a replacement for Stephanopoulos or anyone else. The two men have differing journalistic strengths and will serve unique purposes on the show. And that’s exactly what ABC exclusively tells Gossip Cop in a statement.

“George and Michael are both incredibly talented but their talents lie in very different areas. George could not be happier to have Michael on the show each and every morning,” says a spokesperson. And, as Gossip Cop noted earlier, Stephanopoulos formally welcomed Strahan to the fold on Thursday’s “GMA” with Lara Spencer and Robin Roberts.

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George Stephanopoulos is being pushed out of ‘GMA’ for Michael Strahan.


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