George R.R. Martin: I Have “Sympathy” For Justin Bieber

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George RR Martin Sympathy Justin Bieber

By Shari Weiss |

George RR Martin Sympathy Justin Bieber

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George R.R. Martin says he has “sympathy” for Justin Bieber.

Speaking at Northwestern University, his alma mater, on Wednesday, Martin opened up about the worldwide fame he’s acquired through Game Of Thrones, both his book series and the hit HBO TV show it inspired. “I’m now at the stage of my career where pretty much anything I care to put down I think I’ll get some reply, which is a blessing and a curse,” he told the crowd.

Martin argued that he’s lucky his global success came when he was older in age, specifically citing young stars who grapple with the harsh glare of the spotlight. “It’s made me have a certain sympathy for the teenage [expletive] that are running around out there, the Justin Biebers and the Lindsay Lohans,” said the author. “No wonder these people are crazy.”

The novelist continues, “If this stuff had happened to me, if I had written a novel when I was at Northwestern when I was 19 years old and it had sold billions of copies, I wouldn’t have been able to handle that at 19. I can barely handle it at 67. It’s surreal.”

His comments are in line with other celebrities who have expressed gratitude for not growing up in the age of social media and paparazzi. And Bieber, in his just-released Billboard cover story, decried child stardom, and admitted that fame has nearly “destroyed” him, as Gossip Cop reported earlier. TELL US: What do you think of Martin saying he has “sympathy” of sorts for Bieber?


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