George Lopez Gives Prince’s Family Money

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George Lopez Prince

By Michael Lewittes |

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George Lopez gave Prince’s family $20,000 for living expenses to hold them over until the singer’s estate is doled out to his various relatives. Lopez and Prince were good friends, and the comedian wants to make sure the late singer’s family members, who Prince took care of, would remain solvent because the musician’s assets are currently frozen.

As Gossip Cop has previously reported, Prince very generously took care of his siblings with cash and housing while he was alive, and now Lopez, according to a new report, wants to ensure those same family members are provided for before the singer’s estimated $150 million estate is divvied up. A judge will decide over the next coming weeks how much each relative will receive for shelter and living expenses. Should the process go longer, says TMZ, Lopez may advance Prince’s relatives even more money.

While Prince rarely appeared on TV, he went “Lopez Tonight” back in 2011 because, as he explained, the comedian’s talk show featured guests that were more representative of the country’s diverse population. Lopez also discussed on that appearance, and has talked about it since then, how Prince thought the talk show host cursed too much and tried to help cure him of it. So, in honor of Prince, all Gossip Cop will say is that Lopez’s gift to the musician’s relatives is pretty flippin’ generous.


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