George Ezra Performing “Blame It On Me” On ‘SNL’ – WATCH VIDEO!

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George Ezra Saturday Night Live

By Michael Lewittes |

George Ezra Saturday Night Live


George Ezra performed “Blame It On Me” on “SNL” as his second song. Earlier in the show he sang “Budapest.” Check out the video below of Ezra’s performance of “Blame It On Me.”

The song, “Blame It On Me,” is off Ezra’s album Wanted on Voyage, which was actually named after the sticker slapped across the luggage of Paddington Bear, who was a childhood favorite of the young British singer.

The video for “Blame It On Me” features Ezra walking down a road with his guitar, and dealing with a series of mishaps. First a bird poops on his shirt (in front of some pretty women), and as he checks out the damage in the reflection of a car window, the window lowers and a kid shoots a rubber dart at his forehead. Next, a dog bites his hand and he drops his guitar, which is then quickly run over by a police car. Also, somehow it’s raining only on him, while it’s sunny everywhere else on the street.

As Gossip Cop previously noted, this was Ezra’s first appearance on “SNL.” He’s currently playing a number of concerts in big North American cities before performing at Coachella and several music festivals this summer in Europe. Check out Ezra’s “SNL” performance of “Blame It On Me” below, and tell us what you think.


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