George Clooney “Wasting Away” From Secret Disease?

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George Clooney Wasting Away

By Gossip Cop Staff |

George Clooney Wasting Away

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George Clooney is not “wasting away” from a “killer disease,” despite a sensational report filled with fake concern for the actor. Clooney was indeed banged up in his motorcycle crash last month. But Gossip Cop can confirm he is not near death, as falsely alleged.

The alarmingly wrong narrative comes from the Globe, which claims Clooney has “wasted away to 123 pounds, leaving close friends and loved ones terrified he’s battling a killer disease.” The tabloid describes the Oscar winner as “gaunt,” alleging he has “melted away into a scarecrow,” and that this “frail condition” may have “contributed” to July’s accident. The magazine further contends that Clooney’s wife Amal “fears” he “may have an undiagnosed medical condition behind his shocking weight loss that could kill him before [his twins] are grown.”

“Amal has been a nervous wreck. George is virtually disappearing before her eyes,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying. Based on photos, a doctor that has never treated Clooney speculates he’s lost 40 pounds “since his heavyweight heyday a few years back.” Another doctor who also hasn’t met the star theorizes he could be “suffering from undiagnosed bleeding on the brain as a result of trauma” from his crash.

The outlet also points out that Clooney discussed having a “bruised brain” in 2005 that required him to undergo surgery. The publication asserts he “later downplayed the effects on his health [and] friends worry he’s doing it again.” Another anonymous “insider” maintains, “The fear is George could be fighting for his life. He might be smiling — but no one knows what’s happening on the inside.”

That’s actually what makes this article so preposterous. Neither the untraceable “sources” nor the quoted doctors who don’t treat Clooney know what is or isn’t going on, so it’s rather ridiculous for the tabloid to suggest he may be dying. As for the contention that he’s “wasting away,” fans can seem for themselves that’s not the case, as he has stepped out looking perfectly fine multiple times in recent weeks.

In late July, more than two weeks after the scooter crash, Clooney was photographed going to dinner in Lake Como. The Clooneys had a date night in early August. And just last week, George and Amal were snapped on another dinner date. None of the outlets that picked up these photos said anything about Clooney appearing “gaunt.” Even if he has lost weight in recent years, and after his accident, there is nothing about his appearance that indicates he’s in ill health.

Furthermore, while the magazine tries to connect his supposedly “frail condition” to last month’s mishap, it was widely reported that Clooney’s scooter accident was the result of a driver cutting in front of him from the opposite direction, not something he himself caused. But Gossip Cop isn’t surprised the outlet is trying to twist the situation, as its sister publication, the National Enquirer, previously attempted to do the same thing, contending Clooney had brain damage and could lose his career when he was already back at work. We’re not concerned about his health. We are, however, concerned about tabloids that manufacture serious claims like these with no real evidence to support them.


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