George Clooney and Amal Clooney are expecting twins, it was revealed Thursday. In honor of the baby news, Gossip Cop decided to look back at a few of the false pregnancy rumors and tabloid covers that we've exclusively corrected about the couple prior to the real announcement. See the photo gallery below.

As Gossip Cop reported, 55-year-old Clooney will finally be having his first kids with wife Amal. But Gossip Cop busted OK! in November 2015 for its false cover story claiming Amal was "14 weeks along" into her pregnancy. The outlet went on to purport that the human rights lawyer would be hiding her baby bump for a while, but would eventually come out and show it. Of course, there was no baby bump to be shown at the time, and a rep for Clooney exclusively told Gossip Cop, "The story is made up."

In April 2015, we once again called out OK! for a bogus cover story featuring a photo of Clooney smiling, along with the words, "I'm Finally Going To Be A Dad!" The magazine went on to assert that Amal was nearing the end of her first trimester, and the couple would soon tell all of their friends. But Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Clooney, who assured us the story was 100 percent false.

There was also a Star cover story from December 2014 that contended the Clooneys "conceived a baby during their romantic honeymoon in the Seychelles." The accompanying article went on to include supposed details about a non-existent baby nursery and where they planned to raise the so-called child. But Gossip Cop corrected the bogus report after a rep for Clooney exclusively told us, "She is not pregnant."

In August 2014, prior to the couple's marriage, Gossip Cop shot down a Life & Style cover story featuring paparazzi photos of Amal sporting an alleged baby bump. Of course, the speculation was completely inaccurate, and a rep for Clooney told us she was simply "not pregnant."

And in July 2014, OK! claimed in a false cover story that Amal was "three months pregnant," and that the couple had invited his parents and her mother to Clooney's Italian retreat to announce the news. But after checking in with a rep for the actor and getting the real story, Gossip Cop exclusively debunked the phony report. Of course, now that the baby news is real, Gossip Cop congratulates the Clooney's on their upcoming twins!

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is accurate to the best of our ability.


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