An article alleging George Clooney is "terrified over [the] safety of his twins" was made up. It was fake news created to exploit the very real and disturbing incident with the actor's babies and intrusive paparazzi.

As Gossip Cop reported, a French magazine published photos of Clooney's twins on Friday, after which he released a statement blasting the outlet and the photographers for allegedly climbing a fence to take the pictures on his private Lake Como estate. The actor, however, has not filed a lawsuit yet, and has not further commented on the situation. So, the only real news to date is the previously released official statement.

But not for HollywoodLife, which has taken that real news and tried to capitalize on it by publishing three purported "exclusive" follow-up stories, all within a matter of hours. Gossip Cop first pointed that out when HollywoodLife published its first story exploiting the situation with the photos. That piece was headlined, "George Clooney Feels 'Furious' & Violated' After His Family's Privacy Was Broken."

That, however, was followed by another story, titled, "Amal Clooney Steps Up To Calm 'Protective' & 'Frustrated' George After Baby Pics Leak." And then came the third, called, "George Clooney Terrified Over Safety Of His Twins After Photographer Sneaks Onto His Property." In all three articles, HollywoodLies claimed to have a "source" giving "exclusive" details about the incident and its aftermath. But in each case, the site has merely published obvious conclusions.

Of course Clooney is furious and feels violated. Of course Amal is aiding her husband. Of course Clooney is worried about the safety of his kids. No doubt he's going to explore increased security measures, which is exactly what the "source" in this latest piece claims. But although the sentiments sound reasonable, Clooney's camp isn't actually talking about what happened beyond the aforementioned statement. The notion that HollywoodLies is the only outlet to have "exclusive" scoops about what's going on is, quite frankly, preposterous.

But the online publication apparently has no problem pretending it has insight because that's what it always does. It takes real news and creates fake news around it by falsely claiming to have inside knowledge. But this instance is especially galling. Clooney's privacy was indeed violated by the publication of those unsanctioned photos. HollywoodLies, though, is also violating his privacy by making up these stories. If the star is, understandably, uncomfortable with a dubious outlet publishing unapproved photos of his children, then there's no question he would also be upset that another dubious outlet is publishing made-up stories about him and his kids. HollywoodLies wants to capitalize on this serious topic just for clicks, and is doing so in a totally disrespectful and shameful way.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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