George Clooney Gets Restraining Order Against Man Who’s Threatened Him And Amal

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George Clooney Restraining Order

By Michael Lewittes |

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George Clooney got a restraining order against a man named Mark Bibbee, who has allegedly been threatening the actor and his wife Amal for some time now. While Bibbee has not physically confronted Clooney, Gossip Cop has learned he has sent numerous rambling and delusional letters.

Bibbee, who according to court documents appended to Clooney’s petition for legal protection, suffers from bipolar disorder and may also be schizophrenic. In the letters threatening the Clooneys, he references the JonBenet Raikesey murder and the recent Orlando shootings at the gay nightclub Pulse. About the latter, it’s unclear but it seems Bibbee calls the slain and others at the hotspot “LGBT criminal[s] & pedophiles.” Bibbee also alludes in one note to a plot to assassinate George Bush, Sr.

In granting Clooney and his wife legal protection, the judge ruled Bibbee must stay at a minimum of 100 yards away from the couple. For the time being, though, he is being held in a psychiatric ward at the Veterans Administration Hospital in California. Based on his unstableness, it may be hard to keep Bibbee at that distance.

As for the Clooneys, they are well out of harm’s way since they’re currently at their Lake Como, Italy home. Of course that villa has had security problems in the past. As Gossip Cop reported in May 2014, a Romanian man made his way onto Clooney’s property, where he stole a bottle of wine before trying to break into the home and burglarize it. That individual was quickly picked up by Clooney’s security staff.


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