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George Clooney and Rande Gerber's famous friendship might be in jeopardy according to one report. Cindy Crawford and Amal Clooney have never seemed quite as close as their buddy-buddy husbands, and a magazine says that Crawford and Amal hate each other so much that they're keeping their husbands from spending any time together. Here's what we know.

Cindy Crawford, Amal Clooney Back To Feuding

Star reported the story under the questionable headline, "George & Rande: Wives At War!" According to the magazine, Gerber and Clooney are "learning the hard way" what happens when their respective wives don't get along with someone. Amal and Crawford's "formerly close relationship has cooled," an anonymous source told the outlet, and as a result, "their BFF hubbies [are] in a quandary" and can't figure out how to reunite the two.

"Amal finds Cindy materialistic and vacant," an insider explained, while Crawford has grown "tired" of being "lectured" by Amal. "They really can't stand to be in the same room together," the tipster added. With lockdown complications and the women's feud, the two just can't find any way to spend time together. "It's put the guys in a tough position," the source concluded. "They'd do more guy stuff together, but that also upsets Cindy and Amal. They're at a loss because they can't win."

The Famous Friendship Is Still Intact

The only ones who "can't win" here the magazine's readers. Star's story is extremely similar to a rumor from OK! that also argued that there were "wives at war." It included the same claims about the two couples being unable to spend any time together, although OK! said that the wives were shutting down double-dates instead of "guy time." The bogus gossip even mirrored the claims about Amal thinking Crawford was "materialistic" and Crawford being "sick of being lectured" by Amal, as well as "they can't win" line about George Clooney and Rande Gerber.

Since Star couldn't even be bothered to come up with any new details, we feel confident in dismissing this fake feud, just as we did the last story. There's also the fact that George and Rande Gerber were just hanging out together in October, and there's no proof that anything's changed between the famous families. After all, Gossip Cop already knows that the tabloid has no idea what's happening in the Crawford-Gerber household. At the start of this year, it gloated about the Clooney-Crawford-Gerber friendship in its outrageous story about Kaia Gerber risking a billion-dollar inheritance by eloping with Pete Davidson. Given that the magazine couldn't even get the inside scoop on Crawford and Gerber's daughter's short-lived fling, there's no way its "sources" know anything about Amal and Cindy.

As we've pointed out before, the two are massively successful and powerful women that don't deserve to be targeted by these sorts of sexist claims. Women are completely capable of being friends, and of all the female friendships in Hollywood, it's bizarre to accuse these two of hating each other. Crawford has bragged about how great a friend Amal is, and she's even specifically mentioned that they both share several interests and always have engaging conversations.

How Many More Secret Feuds Are There?

Star seems to love coming up with these sorts of stories, although we don't know why it keeps trying to pit celebrities that clearly aren't fighting against each other. It falsely alleged that Daniel Craig was banning Ben Affleck from attending the latest James Bond premiere with his girlfriend, and star of the movie, Ana de Armas. The tabloid even tried to use the pandemic as an excuse for a bogus report about Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell fighting with one another. Time and time again, the outlet has proven that it has no idea what's actually going on with celebrities' personal lives.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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