George Clooney: “I Played A Male Prostitute Drug Dealer”

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George Clooney Prostitute Drug Dealer

By Andrew Shuster |

George Clooney Prostitute Drug Dealer

(New York Magazine)

George Clooney reveals in a new op-ed piece that one of his first acting jobs was playing a “male prostitute drug dealer” in a small Los Angeles play, and that the part was actually a “turning point” in his career.

In the commentary for New York Magazine, Clooney recalls the beginning of his career when he was cast in a play called Vicious, which told the story of punk rocker Sid Vicious. “It’s always bad to say you did a play in Los Angeles, because people just look at you and laugh,” the actor says. “It was an incredibly brutal play… I played a male prostitute drug dealer and I was the comedy relief, believe it or not.”

Clooney notes that what some established actors might consider an early embarrassment, he doesn’t see it that way at all. “I got an agent from it. I got guest shots on TV shows from it. I got my SAG card from it,” writes the star. “I always look back at that play as the turning point for me.” Clooney adds that the seemingly degrading role helped him decide, “I’m in the right business, and I shouldn’t be embarrassed about everything I do.”


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